Request for Proposal

Responses to Questions from Geotechnical Bidders​

  1. The number of borings has been reduced to three (3) from the four (4) noted in the RFP. The RFP response is to be based upon three (3) thirty-foot (30 ft.) borings.
  2. Please provide the cost/LF for borings in the event that it is determined during field work that another boring is required. This cost/LF is to be based upon an assumed one (1), one hundred-foot (100’) boring.
  3. The rock core requirement has been revised and will not be required as part of the basic scope of services. Please provide a cost/LF for a bedrock core if it is determined during field work that rock cores are required.
  4. Eliminate the test pit that was required next to the existing building as a geotechnical scope item.
  5. There are no subsurface soil data available.
  6. The test pits required for infiltration study purposes shall be provided through the geotechnical consultant. Please provide a separate line item cost for that excavation work in the event the backhoe cost could be eliminated.
  7. The depth of existing footings are not likely to match the proposed basement footings of the proposed library addition. Assumptions will be made during design to accommodate that likely elevation difference.

If you have any questions, please contact the Library Director, Dianne Hathaway at