March is Read Aloud Month

“Reading aloud is not only the single most important thing a parent or caregiver can do to help prepare a child for reading and learning; it’s also a magical connection through the interaction between you, your child, and the book.” –

Join us for Read Aloud Month and help every parent and caregiver understand how reading aloud 15 minutes every day from birth through 3rd grade builds a child’s brain and lifelong learning capacity.

Take the 21-Day Read Aloud Challenge

Read Aloud Month begins on March 1 but you can participate in the 21-Day Read Aloud Challenge at any time!

Develop a 21-Day Read Aloud habit that can change your child’s life!

Reading Aloud...

  • .. is a wonderful chance to share adventure, intrigue, and emotion – and that’s irreplaceable. Connect with your child through a book and be transported to another time and place – together.
  • .. makes a connection between the things your baby loves the most – your voice and your touch – and books. And, you are building your baby’s brain too.
  • .. creates everlasting bonds, generating memories that will last a lifetime.
Just 15 Minutes a Day is all it Takes!

Reading 15 minutes a day for 5 years = 27,375 minutes!
That’s 456.25 HOURS!

Other Activities that Help Develop Early Literacy*

  • Recite nursery rhymes and prompt your child to repeat what you say.
  • Sing traditional songs, such as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.
  • Make up songs about your day and sing them to your child.
  • Talk to your child about what is going on around you.
  • Name objects and colors that you see when taking a walk, going to the grocery store, etc.
  • Ask your child many questions.
  • Play with blocks along with your child.
  • Make a book using pictures of your child and his/ her favorite items and people.
  • Make up a story for your child about your day.
  • Give your child paper and crayons or pencils and allow him/ her to scribble and write.
  • Do fingerplays and action rhymes with your child.
  • Make an alphabet book with images from your child’s life.
  • Visit the library often!

*Original from; 2014 “Fizz, Boom, Read”

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is working to make reading aloud every day for at least 15 minutes the new standard in child care. Find out more at; also, see them on Facebook and #‎readaloud.