Building Addition Information

The Goffstown Public Library belongs to the community and that has been our focus for over 100 years. The information presented on this page is meant to continue our commitment to the residents of Goffstown and to remain transparent and accepting of feedback.

GPL-3rd-floor Concept Plans
2020-1017 GPL concept images 1
2020-1017 GPL concept images 3
2020-1017 GPL concept images 6
2020-1017 GPL concept images 7
2020-1017 GPL concept images 15
2020-1017 GPL concept plans 1
GPL-1st-floor Concept Plans
GPL-2nd-floor Concept Plans
GPL-3rd-floor Concept Plans

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Specs and Plans

The presented designs for an addition to the Library building are preliminary, with many public forums being planned over the next year to present information and gather feedback from the community. All feedback will be considered and incorporated as best as possible while keeping the library’s functionality and the Trustees’ financial responsibilities in mind.

Project background information:

  • The Goffstown Public Library is 113 years old and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The only expansion to date was the addition of the elevator and emergency stairwell.
  • 2018 Community Survey –
  • The new expansion is scheduled to be finished in 2023.
  • The next community input session is planned for early 2021.
  • A construction manager and a fundraiser are to be hired in March or April 2021.
  • A foundation to assist in this project is being incorporated and has begun meeting.
  • There is no budget for the capital campaign yet.
  • A committee is being formed to assist the Library Board of Trustees.
  • We are currently in phase 2 of a feasibility study with SMP Architects and McFarland Johnson.
  • The library has two sources of money: budget (taxpayer money) and bequests and donations.

Past spending for this project:

  • 2009 Purchase of the grass lot and upper parking lot adjacent to the current parking lot through Trustee funds: $272,000
  • 2018 Community survey about the library expansion
  • 2019 Feasibility study was approved by the taxpayers: $80,000 of Trustee unrestricted funds
  • 2021 Library Renovation and Expansion, Preconstruction, approved by the taxpayers: $95,000 of Trustee unrestricted funds

To submit questions and comments about our ongoing feasibility study and process for an addition to the GPL, email the Library Board of Trustees at

All meetings of the Library Board of Trustees are open to the public, as required by law. For more information, please call or email Dianne Hathaway, Library Director, at 603-497-2102 or Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm, you can see the up-to-date calendar of events and meetings at Please join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

This project will be funded by a combination of money raised by the town, money raised through a capital campaign and may include money from grants or other avenues available. A charitable foundation has been created to oversee a capital campaign, and a professional fundraiser will be hired to help develop a realistic goal for that campaign.

This project would add much needed parking to the village area. It would create a new entrance that is fully accessible. It adds four accessible rest rooms, two on each of the floors open to the public, to the one rest room that the building currently has open to the public for a total of five restrooms. The addition will feature a community room that can host up to 100 people, is dividable allowing for two concurrent meetings, and is accessible after library hours for community meetings. The project adds to the total space available for our collection of materials and adds another meeting space on the second floor for added programming. The current offerings of the Library are limited by the size of the building. Our town survey indicated that the community was looking for comfortable places to read and work. This project adds space for study rooms and multiple comfortable seating areas. This project allows the Library to better serve the needs of our community and for better functionality now and into the future.

The normal, non-pandemic, number of staff members employed by the Library is 13, with the proposed layout and changes we expect to be able to fully staff the Library without a change in that number. That is our goal.

There is no space in the current building to add a fully accessible restroom, without making major changes to the interior of the beautiful historic building and the shape and layout of the current entryway makes widening the doorway challenging. Just addressing accessibility also ignores the issues of parking, comfortable places to work, and the limits the building places on our collection and programming.

The challenge in answering this question is deciding how to judge that. We are currently conducting community forums to garner support for the project and allow for input from the community. We can look at how the town voted on our last warrant article and how they vote on the warrant article on the March 2021 ballot, but the Library Board has yet to ask the community to use tax dollars to fund the preliminary stages of this project. We are doing our best to make people aware of the project and to give them many opportunities to ask questions and let us know what they think. If you have questions about the project or feedback on the design, you can email the Library Trustees at