A New Look for the Catalog

Our consortium, GMILCS, Inc. (Greater Manchester Integrated Library Cooperative System) has contracted with Bywater Solutions to purchase Aspen Discovery, giving a new look and functionality to our online catalog.

www.goffstownlibrary.com/search will still take you directly to the catalog – take a look around and enjoy the new experience.

You’ll be pleased with the fresh new design and

  • improved user experience with great visuals and familiar features,
  • ability by staff to change and customize the catalog for the Goffstown community,
  • ease in finding any material format that you are looking for, and
  • there is a built-in translation feature that includes French and Spanish.

Managing Your Account is Easier than Ever!

  • Menus are easy to navigate – your barcode and pin/password haven’t changed.
  • Your saved lists are available to import. Simply log into your account, select “Your Lists” and select the “Import from Old Catalog” tab. Please carefully read any messages that appear on your screen so you can search for and save or make note of any titles that may no longer be available.

Keep in Mind

Questions? Email dianneh@goffstownlibrary.com