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Calculate the Value of Your Library

Calculate the Value of Your Library

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Calculate the Value of Your Library

New Year, New You

New Year New You by Melody

Library resources can help you reach your goals all year-round. Whether your resolution is for a financial tune-up, a healthy makeover, or to learn new skills, you can find books, e-books, and audiobooks to help you on your way towards accomplishing your goals. We make it convenient for you, too – our Electronic Resources are available 24/7, use them wherever you have internet access.

Make a Resolution to Read More in 2016

There are many reasons the whole family should read together or individually.

Reading improves:
• memory • concentration and focus • creativity and imagination
• speaking ability and can make us better conversationalists
• our discipline •

Reading can also:
• make us more empathetic • get us away from digital distractions
• decrease boredom, reduce stress and can help us relax
• make kids think and allow them to dream • improve writing ability • build self-esteem • result in higher test scores
• help us sleep when we read before bed •

Books are FREE entertainment!

Happy New Year!