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Sing, and Other Short Stories with Local Author Dan Szczesny

Long-time journalist and local author, Dan Szczesny, will present his latest book Sing, and Other Short Stories:

Tuesday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m.

This collection of ten tales is the travel and adventure writer’s first collection of short stories.

From 1930s South Dakota where one of the last cowboys struggles to find meaning in a modern world to the Alaskan tundra where searchers race against time to find the pilot of a missing plane before the grizzlies do, Sing is an ode to common people who are forced to make a stand.

Szczesny’s flawed characters illuminate the potential and the danger of regular people trying to be extraordinary.

Please register online, or by calling us at 497-2102; seating can only be guaranteed for registrants.

Sing Cover by Local Author Dan Szczesny

Dan’s previously published books include: The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, a “Granite State hiking memoir that follows the author and his young hiking companion on a year-long tour of the ’52 With a View’ mountain list”, and The Nepal Chronicles, about a month long trek to Everest Base Camp and his marriage in Kathmandu.

Dan is also the moderator of The Blank Page, the library’s writing group. The Blank Page is a writing group for the beginner to the experienced, and meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Please visit the library’s online calendar for dates and more information.