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September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

Super hero Wonder Woman reads a book

September is Library Card Sign-up Month! For students heading back to school, a library card can be one of their most valuable resources for the upcoming year, and every year after.

Having a library card allows students to access more than 2 million items in our state’s libraries’ collections. If our library does not own a particular item that the student needs, it can be requested from another library in our consortium of 11 libraries or anywhere in the state.

Reasons to Have a Library Card:

  • Books, in many formats including large print, digital, and audio for your devices.
  • Movies on DVD and streaming digital for all ages -— free entertainment!
  • Video games! Music!
  • Classes and special events for every member of your family.
  • Online classes through Universal Class, Mango Languages, and Creativebug, free with your library card.
  • Free and discounted passes for museums and natural areas, including NH State parks, thanks to our Friends group.
  • Newspapers and magazines, some in a digital format.
  • High quality subscription databases free for cardholders, great for homework help, genealogical research, or other skill!
  • Request your own materials with our cutting edge library system.
  • Children who use the library (and read DAILY!) perform better in school.
  • Lifelong learning for all, regardless of age, gender, or financial ability.
  • The return on your investment in the Library is HUGE when used!

Receipt hangs out of a pile of dvds
Let’s talk about the money savings!

This library card user just saved:

$41.38 in one visit,
$1,531.03 in the past year,
and $10,199.42 since they began using the library!

Wow! And that doesn’t even include the use of some of our digital services.

Check your receipt or total your savings with the Library Value Calculator.

Need a library card? What about your friends or family members? Share the benefits of a library card with others and encourage them to sign up this month. It’s easy to get a card – just stop by the Goffstown Public Library during open hours. You’ll need to bring a current photo ID with Goffstown address, OR a photo ID and current mail to your Goffstown address. For detailed requirements see the “Circulation Policy: At-a-Glance / Library Card Requirements.” Please call us at 497-2102 or stop by with questions about getting a card with the Goffstown Public Library.

Help us spread the word about how wonderful it is to have a library card. Encourage your family and friends to get their own library cards and enjoy all the benefits one offers.

cat in a costume holds up a library card

#LibraryCardHero Social Media Promotion

Having a library card makes you feel like a superhero with all the amazing things it gives you access to, including technology, media resources, and educational programs. This Library Card Sign-up Month, strike your best superhero pose with your library card and post to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LibraryCardHero. One randomly selected winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card from

Entries can also be submitted by posting as a comment or wall post on the I Love Libraries Facebook Page.

The promotion begins Tuesday, September 1, at noon CT and ends Tuesday, September 22, at noon CT. All librarians and library lovers are encouraged to participate.

This promotion is not affiliated with the Goffstown Public Library. Please tag us in your entries, or use #goffstownlibrary, so we can see your submissions, too!

Make Plans Now for How You Will Be Voting

➣ State Primary is September 8
➣ General Election is November 3

For 2020, Voting by Absentee is Allowed
New rules from the NH Secretary of State and NH Attorney General’s office allow any NH voter concerned with COVID-19 to check a “COVID-19” box to apply for an absentee ballot for the 2020 elections. Help keep voters and poll workers safe; request your absentee ballot now!

Start the Process of Absentee Voting by Getting an Application From

Can I Vote at the Polls?
Yes, the polls will be open as usual. Please wear your mask and follow protection measures that will be put in place to protect voters and poll workers.

For more information, and about how to register to vote, please contact the Goffstown Town Clerk’s Office.

By returning absentee ballots early, voters can streamline the workload when election days arrive and help to ensure an accurate count. Absentee ballots will continue the rich voting tradition for which New Hampshire has been known and enjoyed for so many years.

Information provided by the nonpartisan Coalition for Open Democracy, Concord, NH For more information, please see Have You Planned Ahead for this Fall’s Elections?

Don't Let COVID-19 Keep You from Voting

Courageous Community Conversations: Can We Talk About Race?


Courageous Community ConversationsIn the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubery, and Breonna Taylor, incidents in NH such as the arrest of Jean Ronald Saint Preux, and numerous slights in our own Greater Goffstown community have caused many of us to examine our beliefs about discrimination and racial justice. After having elected an African American as President, many people thought racism was behind us. Yet recent events seem to prove otherwise. Join the Goffstown Public Library as we continue to explore these topics, facilitated by James McKim, Goffstown resident and President of the Manchester Branch of the NHNAACP.
Registration is required, these events will be held virtually via Zoom. To register, please visit
  • History of Racial Discrimination – Tuesday 8/11 at 7 pm – Do you know the real history of racial discrimination? Come discuss the 400+ years since slaves were first brought to these shores (including New Hampshire) and how that history shapes who we are today.
  • Microaggressions & White Privilege – Tuesday 8/25 at 7 pm – Implicit bias leads to white privilege and microaggressions. Why are they so difficult to recognize? Come discuss how to recognize these manifestations of implicit bias and what you can do to de-bias yourself.
  • Institutional Racism – Tuesday 9/15 at 7 pm – Racism exists at the individual, group, and institutional levels. What does that mean? Come discuss how discrimination manifests at those varying levels and shapes how we live today.
  • How to Be an Advocate – Tuesday 9/29 at 7 pm – You want to help dismantle racism and end the violence toward people of color that seems to have exploded into our conscience over the last few months. But you don’t feel like you know how. Or you are afraid to say anything because it might offend or do more harm than good. Come discuss how you can be an advocate for social justice, not just a silent by-stander.


Register to attend at


For more information, contact Dianne Hathaway at 603-497-2102 or