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National Library Week

Amnesty Week, April 8 – 13

“No fines will be collected, we just want our stuff back.”

During National Library Week we’ll grant amnesty for overdue library materials returned that week. It’s important to personally return long-overdue items to the circulation desk for correct action to be taken and all monies to be removed from your account(s). Note: only fines are waived; replacement and processing fees may still apply. Questions? Not sure if you have any outstanding materials? Visit your account online, call us at 497-2102, or stop by with questions.
Celebrate National Library Week at the Goffstown Public Library

Libraries = Strong Communities

Telling your library story is a quick, easy way to help your library thrive! Please share your story – maybe one of these questions can help get you started:

  • How does our library help make the Goffstown community stronger?
  • What do you love about the Goffstown Public Library?
  • What skills have you learned at the Library?
  • What does the Library mean to you?
  • Please share your Library experience with us.

Be a library advocate and post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook with #MyLibraryMyStory and #goffstownlibrary.

If you share your story on Instagram, Twitter, or the I Love Libraries Facebook Page during 4/8-13, you will be entered into a $100 VISA gift card promotion sponsored by

National Library Week 2019

“In addition to providing communities with access to ideas and information, libraries play an important role in our public life by encouraging creativity, promoting equality, and serving as a source of empowerment. This week, and every week, library workers deserve our support and our gratitude.”
– Melinda Gates, 2019 National Library Week Honorary Chair

Today’s libraries can transform your life. From education to job resources to lifelong learning, your Library provides access to the programming and services you need to reach your potential and grow. Have a story to share about how the Library led you to something of value in your life? Please share your Library experience with us.

Celebrate National Library Week at the Goffstown Public Library
Thanks for being part of the GPL community.

Please Share Your Story

Human Library 2019

The Human Library is a living, breathing library where humans are the books and the stories are their lives. “Human Books” available to check out may include people who have experienced adversity due to race, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion/belief, culture, profession, and/or lifestyle.

The Human Library: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover
Sunday, April 7
1 – 3:10 p.m.

See the catalog of Books at www.goffstownlibrary/humanlibrary.

Real People – Real Conversations

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to converse with people who have volunteered to share their personal stories and answer questions about their lives, experiences and perspectives. Readers can peruse a catalog of “human books”, and will have the opportunity to “check them out” for face-to-face 15 minute conversations in a safe, respectful environment. The books are prepared to share their stories, and sample questions will be available to help jump start conversations.

No Library Card Required, Just An Open Mind.

The Human Library 2017 at the Goffstown Public Library. No Library Card Required, Just An Open Mind.

The Human Library was conceived in 2000 by a Danish youth organization called Stop the Violence in response to intolerance and violence within their community. The concept quickly gained a foothold and since then, Human Libraries have been held in over 70 countries around the world. Please visit or on Facebook for more information.

The Human Library 2017 at the Goffstown Public Library. No Library Card Required, Just An Open Mind.

Courageous Community Conversations

The 2019 Human Library is one of a series of programs designed to help us understand racial and cultural issues, as well as provide a starting point to open up the conversation about race in Goffstown and surrounding communities. These events continue through May 2019. Learn more at

Courageous Community Conversations