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Blind Date With A Book

Select your books through February 28

Take a chance on your February book companion – maybe you’ll get a book of poetry, a biography, something mysterious, a thriller or a nonfiction selection. The second floor display features wrapped books, so your choice will be a surprise – title and genre are hidden (audio and downloadable formats available, too).

Have Some Fun with your Blind Date

Have some fun and try something new, you may be pleasantly surprised. Yes, your blind date with a book may be a dud… You can “Rate your Date” with the review form tucked inside each wrapped book and submit it to enter in the running for a gift certificate to the High Street Farm House. Reviews are due March 23, giving you lots of time to read your book.

Teens – The “Made for each other” display pairs a fiction book with a compatible nonfiction one. Take a chance with one of these books, made for each other with complementary subjects, themes and true facts.

Made for Each Other Blind Date with a Book at Goffstown Public Library