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Ways to Celebrate Library Lovers’ Month

February is Library Lovers’ Month, “a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types. This is a time for everyone, especially library support groups, to recognize the value of libraries and to work to assure that the Nation’s libraries will continue to serve.”*

February is Library Lovers' Month

The Goffstown Public Library is more than a collection of resources. We’re a community fixture providing a comfortable place for everyone to access quality materials and programs, enhance cultural awareness and to explore issues of local, national and global interest. We grow and adapt as times change – providing you with internet services, digital books and magazine, streaming movies, and 24/7 resources that you can access anywhere you have an internet connection.

Whether you’re a regular through our doors, or haven’t visited in a while, we hope you’ll take some time this month to stop by and explore all that we have to offer.

Ways to Celebrate Library Lovers’ Month


  • Blind Date With a Book – Let us fix you up with a blind date, only the most eligible books are part of the display on the second floor, and they’re wrapped to discourage “judging a book by its cover!” Are you willing and open to trying something new? Take a chance and you just might fall in love!
  • 3 More Ways You Can Support the Library, Literacy and Lifelong Learning
    • Make a Contribution – We are very grateful for all the wonderful donations that we receive from patrons and the community. All donations to the library are tax deductible.
    • Get Involved – Volunteer at the Library, or join the Friends.
    • Spread the Word –
      • Use your library card and take advantage of all the resources, programming and information we have to offer, and encourage friends and family to join you.
      • Sign up for The Page’s Story monthly email newsletter.
      • Follow us on your favorite social media channel and share your library stories with #goffstownlibrary.


  • Fall In Love With The First Line – Take a leap into the unknown, and select one (or more!) of the specially wrapped books on the second floor that display only the first line of what’s inside. Take a chance, and try something sight unseen, you may be surprised at what book you fall in love with next!
  • Join the Teen Advisory Board – Discuss your ideas for library events, books, games, movies and more. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month and registration is required, please sign up at the library, or by visiting our online calendar.


  • Friendship February – Stop by the Children’s Room to create a picture, valentine, or write a note of friendship for our neighbors at the Hillsborough County Nursing Home. The library will make deliveries throughout the month of February.
  • Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party – Friday, February 12 at 11 a.m. – Kids in preschool through Kindergarten are invited to join us to celebrate a love of books, tasty treats, and each other’s company! We would “love” to see you! Registration required, please sign up here: