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Halloween Horrors at the Library

Halloween horrors, creature features, spooky soundtracks and more are available at the Library! Something strange happens this time of year and the staff has been affected in an alarming way. Read on to discover what happens when they don’t read enough…

They should have known that the Library has downloadable and streaming content to get them in the Halloween mood:

Halloween Horrors Downloadable & Streaming

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Speaking of internet, it’s easy to stream movies with InstantFlix, or download more e-books, and e-audiobooks with OverDrive and Cloud Library. So many choices!

InstantFlix Halloween Horrors at the Library
OverDrive Halloween Horrors at the Library

What’s Going On?

It sounds like the intro to a new dystopian novel; or is something sinister going on at the Library? We suspect that reading more books will solve this problem – Better Read Than Dead!

“Devour books, not brains!”

They could have looked at the displays on the 2nd floor to see all the creepy titles being featured, from classics, to new thrillers – the books are there for the picking:

Gothic Horror:

Liked Stranger Things? Try These:


Better Read Than Dead!