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How I Spent my Literary Vacation

Our Director, Dianne Hathaway recently took some time off from work, but that didn’t stop her from using the Library’s resources while she was away. Read on…

How I Spent My Literary Vacation

“I recently took a week of vacation and managed to make a dent in the list of books, CD’s, etc. that I wanted to tackle to help me to truly relax and disengage from my job for awhile. Every item on this list was borrowed through the GPL!

I read:

I watched:

  • Unbroken on DVD, the movie based on the bestselling book by Laura Hillenbrand.
  • Rent, the movie version of the award-winning Broadway musical, on DVD.
    Full disclosure: I have a 25-year-old television; I am not streaming ANYTHING through it 😉

I listened to:

What will you download, borrow, or stream on your next vacation?


Your Library Superpowers

September is Library Card Sign Up Month. What are your library superpowers?

Parents, when you’re back-to-school shopping, don’t forget the most important school supply of all – a library card!

Crimefighting DC Super Heroes, the Teen Titans, are teaming up with the American Library Association (ALA) to promote the value of a library card. A library card is the first step towards academic achievement and lifelong learning. The Teen Titans are a young group of crimefighters who keep the world safe from the clutches of evil. From Starfire’s green energy beams and power of flight to Raven’s telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities, the Teen Titans have the power, courage and teamwork to rise to any challenges thrown their way.

You can find Teen Titans comics & other graphic novels for free – at the Library!

•$• A library card will save you money, while reaping rich rewards. How much can you save by owning a library card? Just look at this handy library value calculator.

How to get a Library Card

Any person entering the Library can use most of our services and resources without a card, including using our computers for internet access, reading anything they want in our building, using our online databases to do some research, access our wifi network, and more. However, for a visitor to use our digital services to download an item, borrow materials to take home, and access to databases from their home, a library card is needed.

Residents of Goffstown and those who work here can get a card quickly and without charge by providing an unexpired driver’s license or photo ID with their name and Goffstown street address AND (if the license does not show Goffstown address) one of the following in their name: recently received mail; current year rental lease agreement; current year property purchase or sales agreement; or last property tax bill. For others, and more details, see our Circulation Policy: At-a-Glance / Library Card Requirements. Need more information? Give us a call at 497-2102 or stop in for a visit.

September is Library Card Sign Up Month. What are your library superpowers?

Superheroes inspire us to be our best selves, and there’s no better place to discover and develop your superpowers than at the Library.

What special talents, skill, and interests have you developed thanks to the Library?

  • Need a prop? Download/right-click to save & use this superpower starburst.
  • Drop off your starburst at the Library or share with us online with the hashtag #goffstownlibrary.
  • Submissions on Twitter, Instagram, or the I Love Libraries Facebook Page with the hashtag #LibrarySuperpower will be entered to win a $100 VISA gift card – sponsored by

Share your Library superpowers with friends & family, bring them in to get their own library card today!